About TaxiBot India

TaxiBot is a semi-autonomous vehicle that enables airplane taxiing without engines running, controlled by the pilot and without shortening NLG life time.The TaxiBot’s are designed by Israel Aerospace Industries and manufactured by TLD of France.

Çelebi Aviation Holding

Çelebi Aviation is a global provider of airport services with a legacy of over 65 years. The company operates in 5 countries and over 40 stations across 3 continents, with over 13,000 employees. Çelebi is a leading provider of airport ground handling services in India, serving major airports across the country. Çelebi is committed to customer satisfaction and sustainable growth. Çelebi is aligned with India's goal to make Indian airports carbon neutral.

KSU Aviation

KSU Aviation introduces themselves as the owner and operator of a new innovative towbarless towing concept – the TaxiBot (Taxiing Robot). the TaxiBot which is a robotic pilot driven machine used to taking aircraft from parking gates to short of takeoff point.

Taxibot India

The TaxiBot has been certified by the DGCA (Indian Regulator), FAA of USA, EASA of Europe and CAAI of Israel for being used with the aircraft. This is the first step towards the start of alternate taxiing solutions implementation at airports to save fuel, reduce carbon emissions and reduce costs of airlines.

TaxiBot India Update

1 Tons
Fuel saved
1 Tons
CO2 emissions reduced
1 Hrs
Ground Time Saved
1 Hrs
Engine life saved
Count of certified Taxibot crew

TaxiBot In Use

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Pilot controlled taxiing without engines running using airplane tiller and brakes.


Pushback operations and procedures performed by the Taxibot Driver.


Taxiing a fully loaded aircraft at the current aircraft taxiing speed (23 knots).

TaxiBot Innovative System Features


Significant reduction of greenhouse gases and noise level at airports.


Dramatic reduction in fuel usage during taxi phase.

FOD prevention

Reduced opportunity for Foreign Object Damage (FOD)

For all narrow body aircrafts

For all aircraft: In service and new orders


Increased operational efficiency and throughput at airport gates.